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Fun & Creativity


We offer an outstanding music program led by our Director, Ms. Zoie. We incorporate music and songs throughout our day. Music helps children with early development of language. It introduces new words, concepts and ideas that can be processed on an individual level within a group setting.


We include multiple art mediums throughout the week enabling the children to develop their fine motor skills, cognitive development and social-emotional learning. Through prepared art, children learn critical thinking skills and to be flexible thinkers. Free art enables increased self-esteem and confidence as they master certain skills. Art can also be a productive way for young children to process their emotions and new challenges within a safe space.


We believe that language is so much more than just the ABC’s! Language is an important part of child development as it supports a child’s ability to communicate and process the world around them. We focus on language during our circle times, this includes letter recognition and sounds, reading, singing and discussing feelings and so much more!


Based on the Montessori method, our children have multiple work jobs available to them that offer basic math concepts such as patterns, grouping, adding, subtracting, sequencing. They learn these concepts at their own pace through freedom of choice within the prepared environment.

Outside Play

We are a play focused environment and we encourage outside play each day. Our kids develop their gross motor skills through running, climbing and jumping. With versatile child-led games the children develop social competence and conflict resolution through play and imagination.  


If you think your child would thrive in a Montessori environment, give us a call or schedule a tour online.

We would love for you to visit our school and learn more.

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